29TH AKSE conference Rome, Italy, 11-14 april 2019

The Italian Institute of Oriental Studies at Sapienza University of Rome will host the 29th biennial AKSE Conference from 11 (Thursday) to 14 (Sunday) April 2019 in Rome, Italy.

The Association for Korean Studies in Europe, founded in 1977, is the main scholarly society for Korean Studies in greater Europe. Its objectives are to stimulate and coordinate academic Korean studies in all countries of Europe, and to contribute to the spread of knowledge of Korea among a wider public.

The biennial AKSE conferences provide an opportunity for European scholars of Korean studies to gather and exchange research results. Hosting the membership meeting, they are the most important event of the association as such. AKSE conferences are also a way for European scholars to communicate with the global academic community. We thus warmly welcome non‐Europeans and non‐members.



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